The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Socialism 2.0

Recently, I had the chance to talk with some friends about the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. Specifically, we focused on the society portrayed by these goals. The scope they cover is really huge. Despite the meaning of the acronym, the goals do not deal with environmental protection only. In … Continue reading The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Socialism 2.0

Workless Society

Preamble I took the opportunity of this post to play around with AI-driven automatic translation tools. Therefore, two different English versions of this blog are available. In summary, I followed this process: First, I wrote the post in EnglishThen I rewrote it in ItalianI automatically translated the Italian text into EnglishBefore publication, I reviewed both … Continue reading Workless Society

Are You Looking for a Salary or What?

In this post, I discussed how it can be difficult for my generation to talk to millennials and Gen Z-ers, especially in regards to work-related matters. I had the chance to confront such communication issues again in this other post, where I focused on the recruiting process of Millennials. Now I would like to make … Continue reading Are You Looking for a Salary or What?

Saudade and Identity

Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.source: Portuguese is a language known for its intrinsic musicality (Important update: my friend Matteo pointed out to me that this it true for Brazilian variant only). When you listen to a person speaking … Continue reading Saudade and Identity

Losing the Edge

Manager: a professional who achieves set objectives by organizing other people's work. Recently, I had an interesting conversation about management with my good friend, Matteo. Specifically, we discussed the role of the technical manager in modern companies. Matteo has a deep technical background and is a great engineer. Currently, he is experiencing a stage of … Continue reading Losing the Edge

The Art of Trading Off: How Engineering Has Affected My Ordinary Life

In this post, I talked about the creative side of engineering. Surprisingly, that is not the only one. In a nutshell, this is what engineering is all about: Simply put, you have to achieve a technical goal with a set of available resources (time, people, money, etc.) and within a deadline. That's it. Most … Continue reading The Art of Trading Off: How Engineering Has Affected My Ordinary Life

Magical Notes

Since I became an adult, I have been fascinated by music. My fascination is the one you feel for the unknown because, technically speaking, I know almost nothing about music. The thing I find so intriguing about it is that a combination of individual sounds—and pauses—may be so powerful as to arouse feelings and emotions … Continue reading Magical Notes

Cursed Engineers

On March 23rd, I attended a public talk in San Daniele del Friuli, a town that is famous worldwide for its delicious ham. The main guest was the writer Elena Commessatti. The event was organized by Leggermente, a cultural association which aims to promote reading.[1] The organizer devised a compelling formula for such events. Basically, … Continue reading Cursed Engineers

Millennials and Liquid Leadership

Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain. --Dale Carnegie A leader is the one who is able to create a world to which people want to belong. --Robert B. Dilts Frequently, I hear about people of my generation, Generation X, and baby boomers complaining about the fact that they struggle to communicate with millennials. I also have … Continue reading Millennials and Liquid Leadership

Teacher, Priest, Family Doctor …

... psychoanalyst and the list could go on. Apparently, these occupations have almost nothing in common. Is this true? Some weeks ago, I attended a public meeting hosted by the teacher Enrico Galiano. He currently works at a secondary school teaching eleven- to thirteen-year-olds. According to the web site, he is one of the top … Continue reading Teacher, Priest, Family Doctor …