My name is Andrea Marson, and I am an Electronics engineer. I currently fill three roles at my job. I am a member of the board, R&D Director, and Project Leader at a company that designs and manufactures embedded systems. As R&D Director I help the New Product Development unit to select new technologies and devices for future products.’m also in charge of:

  • Managing development teams that design and test new products and custom turnkey systems
  • Managing the technical support team
  • Managing collaborations with Universities and public research organizations
  • Supporting the HR manager (basically selecting, interviewing, and recruiting applicants for R&D department)
  • Internships, stages and graduation thesis tutoring
  • Technical seminars and recruiting.

Before getting a role in management, I was an Embedded Systems engineer. As such, I dealt with hardware design—mainly digital—and software/firmware/FPGA development.

Even though my main job is related to Electronics, I spend a considerable amount of my time on basketball, wearing many hats. As a player, I have played for 30+ years for different amateur clubs in my country. I also was team manager and financial administrator for a non-profit basketball sport club. In this role, I had many different responsibilities, such as player recruitment, game scheduling, equipment purchasing, press office, fundraising, financial administration, and coaching. Throughout these years, I had the chance to look at the game of basketball from many different perspectives. Nowadays, I still play “for the love of the game”, and I keep observing it from different points of view. For instance, I look at it as a social phenomena and as a global business in the case of the

In recent years, I have been studying some new topics that I find extremely interesting, ranging from team-building and NLP, to business coaching and communication. At first, it might be surprising how much my two passions—Electronics (and information technology in general) and basketball—have in common. However, it is not that surprising after all: at the end of the day, they both have to do with the psychology of human organizations.

In my spare time, I have the chance to help some non-profit organizations, which allows me to leverage the various skills I have acquired throughout my life.

More information about my professional skills and experiences can be found here.