The End of History Was Fake News

"The End of History and the Last Man" is a 1992 book of political philosophy by American political scientist Francis Fukuyama which argues that with the ascendancy of Western liberal democracy—which occurred after the Cold War (1945–1991) and the dissolution of the Soviet Union (1991)—humanity has reached "not just … the passing of a particular … Continue reading The End of History Was Fake News

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Socialism 2.0

Recently, I had the chance to talk with some friends about the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. Specifically, we focused on the society portrayed by these goals. The scope they cover is really huge. Despite the meaning of the acronym, the goals do not deal with environmental protection only. In … Continue reading The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Socialism 2.0

Workless Society

Preamble I took the opportunity of this post to play around with AI-driven automatic translation tools. Therefore, two different English versions of this blog are available. In summary, I followed this process: First, I wrote the post in EnglishThen I rewrote it in ItalianI automatically translated the Italian text into EnglishBefore publication, I reviewed both … Continue reading Workless Society

Living the Cozy, Comfortable Decline of Europe

How distant it seems the time when the Italian Renaissance maestros set the standards by which any artist would have been measured since then. When the French revolutionaries established the principles on which modern republics and liberal democracies are rooted. When the British built enduring physical and cultural infrastructures all over the lands of their … Continue reading Living the Cozy, Comfortable Decline of Europe

The True Lure of Money

I'm pretty sure that the title of this post has made most of my readers think immediately of private jets, flamboyant sports cars, and luxury mansions. In this article, however, I would like to talk about a different flavour of lure associated with money, yet even more intriguing and fascinating, at least for me. Pretty … Continue reading The True Lure of Money

Saudade and Identity

Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves.source: Portuguese is a language known for its intrinsic musicality (Important update: my friend Matteo pointed out to me that this it true for Brazilian variant only). When you listen to a person speaking … Continue reading Saudade and Identity

An Imaginary Trip to the USA — Chapter I: Introduction

Throughout the years, I have had the chance to meet several American people in person or online, with whom I have had numerous conversations. Often, we have talked about our respective countries because this has been one of the topics we have been interested in. We have usually asked each other a lot of questions … Continue reading An Imaginary Trip to the USA — Chapter I: Introduction

Fascism Disguised as Oligarchic Democracy

At the beginning of May, I attended a conference in the wonderful town of Sacile. It was hosted by Professor Antonio Soligon, a retired teacher and writer who loves the city of Venice intensely. He talked about the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, a historical building that the website describes like this: First constructed in 1228, … Continue reading Fascism Disguised as Oligarchic Democracy

Bloodied Sands

In 2014, I visited France and, during my brief stay in Paris, I took a 1-day tour in Normandy. The strict schedule consisted of several visits to places related to one of the greatest military operations in the history of mankind, D-Day. Normandy is a unique place. Its natural characteristics—rainy weather, peaceful seas, lavender fields, … Continue reading Bloodied Sands

Price to Be Paid

Recently, I have created a page on which I'll be listing some intellectuals who have played an important role throughout my life. They have helped me significantly because they have shed some light on several issues I have come across. Some weeks ago, an event occurred that represents a good example of how these people's … Continue reading Price to Be Paid