Losing the Edge

Manager: a professional who achieves set objectives by organizing other people's work. Recently, I had an interesting conversation about management with my good friend, Matteo. Specifically, we discussed the role of the technical manager in modern companies. Matteo has a deep technical background and is a great engineer. Currently, he is experiencing a stage of … Continue reading Losing the Edge

Teamwork and communication

In 2016 I attended a course about the communication┬ástrategies in politics. Although it dealt with some specific techniques used in this context, the basic mechanisms it illustrated are valid for the communication in general. The course was held by a mental coach who has specialized to work with politicians and work/sports teams. Therefore, I took … Continue reading Teamwork and communication

Sharing meetings

Managing a team to work effectively and efficiently is one of the most common problems that managers have to face and I am no exception, as I currently work as R&D Director. Effectiveness and efficiency of working teams are probably some of the most studied and debated issues in the field of management theory. [1] … Continue reading Sharing meetings