Covid-19 Lessons

Never waste a good crisis.Winston Churchill Six months after the first official covid 19 case in Italy, this is how Venice looked like: Venice, October 2020, a few weeks before the Covid-19 second wave explosion It is weird and unsettling to see the famous Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) almost deserted, a place that … Continue reading Covid-19 Lessons

Are You Looking for a Salary or What?

In this post, I discussed how it can be difficult for my generation to talk to millennials and Gen Z-ers, especially in regards to work-related matters. I had the chance to confront such communication issues again in this other post, where I focused on the recruiting process of Millennials. Now I would like to make … Continue reading Are You Looking for a Salary or What?

Equity Crowdfunding and Start-ups

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about start-up companies. In that post, I expressed some reservations I have about the world of start-ups, even though I generally welcome the creation of new, innovative companies. Since the publication of that post, I have had the opportunity to invest a small amount of money … Continue reading Equity Crowdfunding and Start-ups

Translating Stephen King and the American Imagination

The title of this post is the same of the workshop that I attended recently. It was organized by the same foundation that arranges the literary festival, which I talked about here. This annual workshop is conceived by Laura Pagliara, a professional translator who collaborates with the foundation. It mainly targets aspiring translators and … Continue reading Translating Stephen King and the American Imagination

Merciless Time Management: How Managing and Aging Affected My Ordinary Life

In this previous post, I talked thoroughly about the efficient use of resources at my workplace. What I stated there is also true for the scarce resource par excellence, time. Being precious, I started to make careful use of my time several years ago. I wanted to manage my time as well as I had … Continue reading Merciless Time Management: How Managing and Aging Affected My Ordinary Life

Italienischer Militärinternierter (Italian Military Internee) — Part II

On September 1st, I received a message from Paul[1], an Italian-Canadian man who came across my blog while googling around to search for information about the history of his father. During his research, Paul found my article about the imprisonment of my maternal grandfather in the middle of WWII. Like my grandfather, Paul's father was … Continue reading Italienischer Militärinternierter (Italian Military Internee) — Part II

AI Don’t Lie

Most basketball fans remember the famous sentence that Rasheed Wallace often repeated during the games: "ball don't lie." This post's title should be a reminder of that sentence. As a matter of fact, this article talks about the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play in basketball. Even though I never wrote an article on AI … Continue reading AI Don’t Lie

Losing the Edge

Manager: a professional who achieves set objectives by organizing other people's work. Recently, I had an interesting conversation about management with my good friend, Matteo. Specifically, we discussed the role of the technical manager in modern companies. Matteo has a deep technical background and is a great engineer. Currently, he is experiencing a stage of … Continue reading Losing the Edge