Can we afford this?

Last week, I visited St. Mark's Basilica in Venice at night. Needless to say, the magnificence of this church and the surrounding buildings is further amplified by the artificial lighting that pierces the darkness. The photos speak for themselves, and one could make a post out of them alone. I must confess, however, that as … Continue reading Can we afford this?

Ownership vs Possession

When I read books about digital wallets and related topics, I inevitably come across the explanation of the difference between ownership and possession of private keys. And this invariably brings to mind the relationship that cats have with the house in which they live: you own the house, but they possess it. Credits Photo by … Continue reading Ownership vs Possession

Basketball Is Like Engineering

Basketball is like engineering: any theoretical lesson is useless unless you put into practice what you have been taught immediately. Featured images sources:

Equalized on a Basketball Court

Basketball fans who are old enough still remember the dramatic death of the player Reggie Lewis, which occurred literally on a basketball court. I was a teenager when it happened. Of course, I was impressed, but, although I already fell in love with basketball, I felt it as detached event. Luckily, when we are young, … Continue reading Equalized on a Basketball Court

Teacher, Priest, Family Doctor …

... psychoanalyst and the list could go on. Apparently, these occupations have almost nothing in common. Is this true? Some weeks ago, I attended a public meeting hosted by the teacher Enrico Galiano. He currently works at a secondary school teaching eleven- to thirteen-year-olds. According to the web site, he is one of the top … Continue reading Teacher, Priest, Family Doctor …