Please, Don’t Call It Basketball Anymore

On several occasions, I said what I think about current basketball (for instance, see the following posts: Basketball 1.0, True basketball, and Pristine basketball). After watching some games of the 2018 NCAA tournament, I have to admit that my beloved college basketball has been corrupted as well. It is not as unwatchable as the NBA … Continue reading Please, Don’t Call It Basketball Anymore

Pursuing Equilibrium

Equilibrium: a state or feeling of mental balance; composure When I first thought about this post, I wanted to entitle it "Pursuing the truth." However, I then realized that this would have represented an improper use of the word "truth." The truth and all the issues related to it are probably one of the most … Continue reading Pursuing Equilibrium

Italian Creativity

The readers of this blog know well that I am not afraid to criticize my country. When I do this, it's because I really wish we could sort out its dysfunctionalities. The first step to take is, therefore, to recognize these difficulties. Nevertheless, I'm also aware of the positive peculiarities that still make Italy unique. … Continue reading Italian Creativity

Immortality for the Masses

In this previous post, I talked about a literary festival that I attend every year called As stated there, this event provides regularly much material for this blog. This post is an example of a topic—immortality—which I have been thinking about for a while and which was discussed by one of the writers who … Continue reading Immortality for the Masses

Roots — Part I

Several years ago, a friend of mine lent me a book on the history of my paternal grandfather's and my father's hometown. This small village, where I lived for most of my life,  was founded in the Middle Ages and has witnessed many historical events, such as the war European principalities and city-states fought against … Continue reading Roots — Part I