I have recently helped my friend Anna Brenelli to make the prototype she has designed and built for the graduation thesis of the Industrial Design course at the Iuav University of Venice, named Lego Base.

The project is described in detail in this document.


I have dealttry to guess it …with the Electronics parts. Since we have not had much time, I have chosen to follow the typical makers’ approach:

  • I have focused on the functionalities as per Anna’s specifications
  • I have designed the circuits in terms of functional blocks
  • I have selected off-the-shelf components and modules to quickly assemble the prototype
  • Once assembled, I have tested all the four circuits.

The following image shows a simplified diagram of one of them, specifically the portable/rechargeable lamp circuit.


From the Electronics perspective, the most interesting thing is the use of the Qi technology that allows to wirelessly transfer significant amount of energy.

Once the circuits had been tested, I have given them to Anna who has fitted them into the wood boxes he has made in the meanwhile.


Even if we have not had much time, the final result is rather good and has allowed Anna to get a good final grade. Congrats Anna!