Basketball Is Like Engineering

Basketball is like engineering: any theoretical lesson is useless unless you put into practice what you have been taught immediately. Featured images sources:

If I Were in Charge of the Ministry of Education … — Part I

I spent about 18 years in Italian public schools: compulsory school (6 to 13 years old), high school (14 to 18), and university (19 to 23). Two decades after the end of this journey, I think I'm old enough to make a proper assessment about the education I received. Basically, I'll express this judgment under … Continue reading If I Were in Charge of the Ministry of Education … — Part I

Equalized on a Basketball Court

Basketball fans who are old enough still remember the dramatic death of the player Reggie Lewis, which occurred literally on a basketball court. I was a teenager when it happened. Of course, I was impressed, but, although I already fell in love with basketball, I felt it as detached event. Luckily, when we are young, … Continue reading Equalized on a Basketball Court

I Don’t Belong Here

CreepRadioheadWhen you were here before...But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo,What the hell am I doing here?I don't belong here.I don't belong here.Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Mike Hazlewood / Albert Hammond / Colin Greenwood / Jonathan Greenwood / Edward O'Brien / Philip Selway / Thomas YorkeCreep lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management Creep is … Continue reading I Don’t Belong Here

Are You Looking for a Salary or What?

In this post, I discussed how it can be difficult for my generation to talk to millennials and Gen Z-ers, especially in regards to work-related matters. I had the chance to confront such communication issues again in this other post, where I focused on the recruiting process of Millennials. Now I would like to make … Continue reading Are You Looking for a Salary or What?

No Space for Emotions in Sports Any More?

June 14th, 1998. Around 4:00am. I'm glued to the TV and I'm going to witness history in the making, but I am not yet aware of this. He steals the ball from Malone. He slowly and patiently crosses the mid-court line. The game is down the stretch, in the clutch, but he's not in a … Continue reading No Space for Emotions in Sports Any More?

The True Lure of Money

I'm pretty sure that the title of this post has made most of my readers think immediately of private jets, flamboyant sports cars, and luxury mansions. In this article, however, I would like to talk about a different flavour of lure associated with money, yet even more intriguing and fascinating, at least for me. Pretty … Continue reading The True Lure of Money

Equity Crowdfunding and Start-ups

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about start-up companies. In that post, I expressed some reservations I have about the world of start-ups, even though I generally welcome the creation of new, innovative companies. Since the publication of that post, I have had the opportunity to invest a small amount of money … Continue reading Equity Crowdfunding and Start-ups

Translating Stephen King and the American Imagination

The title of this post is the same of the workshop that I attended recently. It was organized by the same foundation that arranges the literary festival, which I talked about here. This annual workshop is conceived by Laura Pagliara, a professional translator who collaborates with the foundation. It mainly targets aspiring translators and … Continue reading Translating Stephen King and the American Imagination