Losing the Edge

Manager: a professional who achieves set objectives by organizing other people's work. Recently, I had an interesting conversation about management with my good friend, Matteo. Specifically, we discussed the role of the technical manager in modern companies. Matteo has a deep technical background and is a great engineer. Currently, he is experiencing a stage of … Continue reading Losing the Edge

Fascism Disguised as Oligarchic Democracy

At the beginning of May, I attended a conference in the wonderful town of Sacile. It was hosted by Professor Antonio Soligon, a retired teacher and writer who loves the city of Venice intensely. He talked about the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, a historical building that the oma.eu website describes like this: First constructed in 1228, … Continue reading Fascism Disguised as Oligarchic Democracy

The Art of Trading Off: How Engineering Has Affected My Ordinary Life

In this post, I talked about the creative side of engineering. Surprisingly, that is not the only one. In a nutshell, this is what engineering is all about: https://youtu.be/egWvQuT5TCU Simply put, you have to achieve a technical goal with a set of available resources (time, people, money, etc.) and within a deadline. That's it. Most … Continue reading The Art of Trading Off: How Engineering Has Affected My Ordinary Life

Millennials and Liquid Leadership

Don’t criticize, condemn, or complain. --Dale Carnegie A leader is the one who is able to create a world to which people want to belong. --Robert B. Dilts Frequently, I hear about people of my generation, Generation X, and baby boomers complaining about the fact that they struggle to communicate with millennials. I also have … Continue reading Millennials and Liquid Leadership