Ideas for Your DIY Smart Home

These series of posts describes some hopefully compelling ideas for DIY projects that you can carry out to make your home a little bit smarter.

I have tested these solutions myself throughout the years. Indeed, from time to time, I like to “hack” my house in order to add new features or to improve the existing ones. From this point of view, my place represents a sort of test field where I experiment with technologies and devices.

Warning! These projects don’t intend to be good examples of engineering too, as they can be improved and optimized largely. The main goal of these posts is to provide some ideas which can be implemented with a relatively small effort and which can represent starting points for more advanced and feature-rich projects.

LoRaWAN™ Network

Ideas for a DIY Smart Home: How to Build a Simple LoRaWAN™ Network from A to Z — Part I

Energy meter

Ideas for a DIY Smart Home: Energy Monitoring

Surveillance System

Ideas for a DIY Smart Home: IP-based Video Surveillance System

Photovoltaic Data Logger


Audio amplifiers

True Basketball

True Basketball is an initiative that aims to be a tribute to the game of the basketball how some friends and I think it is meant to be, that is how it was used to be played before the changes introduced in the last decades. Of course, we are not so naive to think that this initiative can change the course of things, however, we believe that we ought to make the voice of the fans who disagree with this trend to be heard.

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